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Real Estate

Prestige Realty is a premier Wichita Area real estate brokerage with experienced Realtors and professional staff providing service and solutions to ensure a smooth and successful home buying or selling experience for every client and customer. Our Realtors have assisted thousands of families, individuals, investors, builders and developers throughout Wichita.
We believe in achieving Business Excellence through Personal Integrity and Professionalism. Prestige Realty Strives For Positive and Enduring Working Relationships with Our Clients, Customers, Colleagues, and the Community. A high percentage of the professionals associated with Prestige Realty hold advanced industry designations, and many are Spanish speaking.

Company resources include an in-house marketing team, cutting edge technology capabilities and a Property Management Division, which assists hundreds of corporations and third party firms in the relocation of their executives and employees.


Buying a Home in Wichita

Home buying is a serious process and most people find that the help of a dedicated professional is warranted. A Realtor from Prestige Realty can guide you every step of the way. Contact us today for a confidential appointment to discuss your requirements. We will cover the current market, the entire process of purchasing, and the forms required. Our agents are trained and experienced and will protect your interests at all times while helping you make informed decisions throughout the process.


Why do you need a buyer’s agent to purchase a home?

Let’s say you are involved in a lawsuit…Would you go to court without an attorney? We wouldn’t.
So, why would you search for your new home without a buyer’s agent? You shouldn’t and here’s why…

◉ The buyer’s agent works for YOU not the seller. (A seller’s agent is legally bound by contract to get the most money they can and the best deal for the SELLER not you.)

◉ A buyer’s agent knows the real estate market better than ANYONE and can help you negotiate the BEST deal!

◉ Buyer’s agents can show you ANY home listed by any company!

◉ Without an agent you are missing out on the best homes and you are not seeing all of the homes available. (Less than 5% of homes on the market are ever held as an open house or advertised in the paper.)


Selling a Home

There are five critical areas of concern when selling a property.

1. Pricing your home to sell
2. Preparing the property
3. Showing/Marketing/Listing
4. Negotiation and Required paperwork
5. Closing and closing requirements

Prestige Realty Realtors are trained and ready to assist in all five areas of the process.

Contact us today for a confidential appointment with a seller’ agent to discuss your wants and needs. We will also cover the current market, the entire process of selling, and the forms required. We don’t just want your listing; we want your listing to sell!